Is there such a thing as sustainable tourism?

Sustainable tourism is a booming business, but one must wonder; how sustainable is an activity which involves hopping on an aeroplane? When you boil it down to that, it seems as though the inevitable answer to the question posed is no. As with many of these things however, it ain’t that simple.

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Blackout – Brits are blinded

The programme was split up into case studies representing different walks of society just like this. The ‘self-sufficient hippy’ as labelled by tweeters was the most hated character which I found astonishing. The man, had a generator, grew a lot of his own produce, and generally tried to live as autonomously as possible which lead to his downfall as he was targeted and attacked by neighbours – much like he was targeted and attacked on twitter for being a “smug git” – smart you mean? Such hypothetical jealousy is also an interesting thing to observe. Such jealousy that is atypical of a ‘Lord of the Flies’ type situation, the person who is most prepared to look his family gets villainised. At the end of the film, he succumbed to this ‘peer pressure’ if you like pushed on him by his wife and wider society which resulted in him resentfully looting (with a promise to pay) and killing a man in the process. This I feel is the kind of attitude western governments have towards so called ‘developing’ nations – ignorance, and envy of a simpler time.

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The UK is lagging in the international green race as ‘political football’ is the game of the day

A new report by the Green Alliance has warned that Britain may be beginning to fall behind in the ‘global green race’ due to a lack of commitment to low carbon strategies and ‘weak support’ for supply chain development alongside the rapid advancement of countries such as Germany, South Korea, and even China. Continue reading

Wireless tech energy usage equates to the amount of electricity that illuminated the globe in 1985, says new report

According to technology investment firm, Digital Power Group (DPC), the word’s digital economy currently accounts for 10 per cent of mankind’s energy use; 1,500TWhs – the equivalent of Germany and Japan’s usage combined.

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G8 Leaders focus on the tip of the iceberg… but the titanic mass beneath remained hidden

There has been much dismay and dialogue on the lack of green discussion during the Leaders’ Summit of this year’s G8 despite the statement released after proceedings ended, and despite the commitment of governments to openly publish environmental data.

Issues surrounding climate change have historically formed the focus of the leadership summits, but this year the environment was side-lined and as stated by Greenpeace ‘climate change was conspicuously absent’ in the agenda. Continue reading

Branson’s Plan B for business – prioritising ‘people and planet alongside profit’

At the G8 Innovation Conference, Richard Branson launched a ‘Plan B’ for business known as the ‘B Team’ which will work to help businesses realise they can be a force for good whilst remaining profitable.

The ‘B Team’ is a non-profit organisation founded by the entrepreneur to further the work he is doing in sustainability with his own businesses. Continue reading