The modern relevance of monogamy

The dating landscape has changed massively in the last few centuries, even more so in the last decade with the bombardment of online dating facilities now available at our fingertips. One must wonder whether the western notion of monogamy is still relevant in this era?

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Would you have sex in the same bed as a sleeping baby?

I know, to even read that sentence sets off all kinds of alarm bells.

This was a topic of discussion on This Morning last week, the staple program of the stay at home mum, and so the target audience for such a debate was at least correct.

The debate began as several tabloids picked up that a recent Swedish survey says a third of mums think this is ok to have sex in the same bed as their sleeping infant, however others believe it is nothing short of child abuse. 59% of American parents admit to having done it, from which many cynical conclusions could be drawn. Continue reading