British Politics has changed – and the media have finally acknowledged it

#massdebate was the best thing ever to happen in British politics and the only waft of democratic proceedings we have seen and will see before May 7th.

They tackled the deficit, NHS, education, immigration, and each other. As I type the pollsters try to put together a picture of ‘who won on what’. Here is my league table:

  1. Natalie Bennett
  2. Nicola Sturgeon
  3. Nick Clegg
  4. Leanne Wood
  5. Ed Milliband
  6. David Cameron
  7. Nigel Farage

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Blackout – Brits are blinded

The programme was split up into case studies representing different walks of society just like this. The ‘self-sufficient hippy’ as labelled by tweeters was the most hated character which I found astonishing. The man, had a generator, grew a lot of his own produce, and generally tried to live as autonomously as possible which lead to his downfall as he was targeted and attacked by neighbours – much like he was targeted and attacked on twitter for being a “smug git” – smart you mean? Such hypothetical jealousy is also an interesting thing to observe. Such jealousy that is atypical of a ‘Lord of the Flies’ type situation, the person who is most prepared to look his family gets villainised. At the end of the film, he succumbed to this ‘peer pressure’ if you like pushed on him by his wife and wider society which resulted in him resentfully looting (with a promise to pay) and killing a man in the process. This I feel is the kind of attitude western governments have towards so called ‘developing’ nations – ignorance, and envy of a simpler time.

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Students savings; preaching to the choir!

This is a retort to an article from The Independent, pointed out to me by a friend as she quite rightly knew it would infuriate me as it infuriated her, and I am sure; the student population to boot.

The writer tries to compile a list of the expenses ‘students can do without’ and systematically proceeds to provide one containing all the things students need most. Continue reading

Journalism to Churnalism; the press have indeed been stopped.

Journalists have been getting it wrong since the Boer war (and before), but then, it could be blamed on the infancy of the profession. The curve of reportage started with sensationalist, opinionated drivel based on opinion and not fact. This then progressed into the true investigative masterfulness of the 60’s and 70’s with keystone work such as that of Watergate. But the turn of the millennia and the rising power of new media has seen the art shrivel back to a mere speck this former glory. Continue reading