30 Life lessons from Friends

It has been 20 years this month since the most successful comedy tv show last graced our screens for the first time. Upon thinking back, or re-watching daily as millions do on worn out VHS, DVD or comedy central, it is apparent that Friends was way ahead of its time, and there are many life lessons we have all learnt along with our favourite TV characters. In no particular order, here is my top 30, and are the reasons why re-runs should go on forever so that the next generation can benefit from them too…
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Would you have sex in the same bed as a sleeping baby?

I know, to even read that sentence sets off all kinds of alarm bells.

This was a topic of discussion on This Morning last week, the staple program of the stay at home mum, and so the target audience for such a debate was at least correct.

The debate began as several tabloids picked up that a recent Swedish survey says a third of mums think this is ok to have sex in the same bed as their sleeping infant, however others believe it is nothing short of child abuse. 59% of American parents admit to having done it, from which many cynical conclusions could be drawn. Continue reading

Urban; but what lays the other side of the fence?

Urban is a classification for the metropolitan lifestyle. High rises, low fences, power careers and jobs that keep the world rotating, or grounding to a halt depending on how deep you dare to divulge into the consequences of our municipal living. High heels and halter-tops, lady suits and metro-sexual men, today’s world is an upside down version of what came before, and the ware of such activity is starting to take its toll on our planet. Continue reading

“Boys will be boys” – but won’t girls?

There is one book that I remember vividly from my childhood, and that book is aptly named ‘The Wild Baby’ – a title synoptic of my childhood.

Written by Barbro Lindgren and beautifully illustrated by Eva Eriksen in 1985, the book is written in poetic stanzas, joyfully skipping through the story of a mother, who spends her days chasing after her darling wayward child Ben. Continue reading

‘The Underclass’ – media mythology or social reality?

This article was written as my ‘Extended Project’ at college. I undertook a research/journalistic project looking at the media representation and the social reality of ‘the underclass’. This is the text of an investigative article originally presented in magazine format, in addition to qualitative and quantitative research, a presentation, and a photographic exhibition.