Green Party Conference Autumn 2015 – A First Timer’s Take

The sun shone on us Greens last weekend as we traveled down to Bournemouth in our thousands for the Autumn Green Party Conference, the first since the election, and the first since Corbynmania grabbed the nation. So there was plenty to talk about.


Bennett opened conference with a joke that seemed to go down well, despite making little sense about us taking seats from the Lib Dems, as they were in the same venue just the week before for their conference. We haven’t taken any seats from them quite yet – but her optimism was infectious. The whole weekend was one of positivity, inspiration, and resilience. Continue reading


In the event of a Corbyn Win

There has been much speculation about what will happen to the Green Party in the event of a Corbyn win, and in the event of a Corbyn lose. This conundrum will start to unravel at around midday tomorrow, when the country learns who will be entrusted with leading the opposition for the next 5 years.corbyn-collage-escenic Continue reading

A letter from a 14 year old

This letter was sent to us from a 14 year old whose mother is a Green voter. She wanted to ask some questions before making her decision. I have her permission to share this, and wanted to do so as I think it perfectly demonstrates why it is so important that we engage with young people, even though they are currently unable to vote. The other parties ignore young people because they do not vote, or are unable to vote, and thusly many young people turn off to politics as their voices do not get heard. This is wrong, and is something the Green Party seek to address. To keep the Green Surge going, we need to look to the next generation. As this one young lady has shown, they also want answers, as well as solutions, and most importantly honesty. I replied from the heart, because that is what young people deserve. We can be a vehicle for change, but to be so, we need to make sure we are engaging with our young people as much as possible, in multiple ways, and not just picking them up and using them when we want their vote. That is morally repugnant as well as counter-productive. Continue reading

Green Party Policy – a cheat sheet

This is a synopsis of some of the lesser known policies as they appear on the Green Party website. Some parts are pasted, some are summarised.

General philosophy
The Green Party is a party of social and environmental justice, which supports a radical transformation of society for the benefit of all, and for the planet as a whole. Humankind depends on the diversity of the natural world for its existence. Continue reading