Maggie; the passing of an icon and an era whether you are a lover or a hater

Lunchtime today was one of those moments that you will remember forever, no matter what your opinion.  The same as Michael Jackson, the same as 9/11; the passing of Margaret Thatcher is an event.

The beauty of social media means you get an instantaneous reaction from the world, all classes, all creeds, on a day like today. My newsfeed was mixed. People paying their respects, people acknowledging the event, and people digitally dancing on her yet to be dug grave.

Make up… fed up.

The beauty industry is a multimillion pound world wide phenomenon. Britain’s market is worth £783 million alone! Created out of advertising to try and make our society’s women (and increasingly men) feel as though they are inadequate to sell products.

The media create an idealistic, yet distorted, image of unattainable perfection which now it seems the entire universe is trying to achieve. The average person sees over 2000 advertisements everyday, many promoting a product that promise to make you thinner, have better skin etc etc… Media critic Jean Kilbourne when referring to the advertising industry within the field of beauty said: ‘these women don’t have blemishes… they don’t even have pores!’ adding a tone of humour to what is a very serious subject. Continue reading

“Boys will be boys” – but won’t girls?

There is one book that I remember vividly from my childhood, and that book is aptly named ‘The Wild Baby’ – a title synoptic of my childhood.

Written by Barbro Lindgren and beautifully illustrated by Eva Eriksen in 1985, the book is written in poetic stanzas, joyfully skipping through the story of a mother, who spends her days chasing after her darling wayward child Ben. Continue reading