A letter from a 14 year old

This letter was sent to us from a 14 year old whose mother is a Green voter. She wanted to ask some questions before making her decision. I have her permission to share this, and wanted to do so as I think it perfectly demonstrates why it is so important that we engage with young people, even though they are currently unable to vote. The other parties ignore young people because they do not vote, or are unable to vote, and thusly many young people turn off to politics as their voices do not get heard. This is wrong, and is something the Green Party seek to address. To keep the Green Surge going, we need to look to the next generation. As this one young lady has shown, they also want answers, as well as solutions, and most importantly honesty. I replied from the heart, because that is what young people deserve. We can be a vehicle for change, but to be so, we need to make sure we are engaging with our young people as much as possible, in multiple ways, and not just picking them up and using them when we want their vote. That is morally repugnant as well as counter-productive. Continue reading


Hindsight of a graduate

It has been a year since my last post on this particular blog, and now, I am about to make the huge leap as a graduate from a world where one can decide whether or not to get the 7am bus in the morning to campus to the world where early starts are no longer optional. And I can’t wait. Continue reading

Students savings; preaching to the choir!

This is a retort to an article from The Independent, pointed out to me by a friend as she quite rightly knew it would infuriate me as it infuriated her, and I am sure; the student population to boot.

The writer tries to compile a list of the expenses ‘students can do without’ and systematically proceeds to provide one containing all the things students need most. Continue reading

Kidulthood: the loss of the teen.

The teenager was a phenomenon that struck the globe in the seventies, hitting the previous generation full pelt with new ideals of sexual liberation and trend setting styles, from punks to Mods’ and Rockers, in more recent times ‘the Chav’ and urban look. But increasingly children are skipping this invigorating period all together, where it was considered the norm for the younger generation experiment to find their own route into adulthood; ‘everyone makes mistakes’, now it seems such youths automatically subscribe to the mature values that saturate the world around them. Kids are becoming adults too quickly, and we as a society are subconsciously allowing, even encouraging this to happen. Welcome to Kidulthood. Continue reading