Hindsight of a graduate

It has been a year since my last post on this particular blog, and now, I am about to make the huge leap as a graduate from a world where one can decide whether or not to get the 7am bus in the morning to campus to the world where early starts are no longer optional. And I can’t wait. Continue reading


Career considerations – a change in tact

As I enter my second month at Ecodesk, it has occurred to me that I am slowly changing my opinion of what it is I want to do after graduation.

Its a daunting thought. I have spent the last seven years of my life working and fighting (with real blood, sweat and tears at some points) to clamber up the ladder, or more like just get on it, and now I am having doubts. My personal life has suffered at several points during this journey, and at the moment I feel like this is the only reason I am still entertaining the idea of becoming a journalist; for it not all to have been for nothing. Continue reading

Work Programme woes

The government Work Programme and other affiliated schemes finds itself in hot water again this week with fresh allegations and a court ruling.

Work Programme providers and the job centre often set job seekers up with work placements. The idea behind which is to get those who have very little actual work experience something to put on their CV, but moreover, to enhance their employability and skills. These are unpaid schemes, the idea being that the increased employability factor is the payment (above and beyond the benefits they receive which is more than students doing unpaid work to better themselves get). Continue reading

Another experience drawing to a close

The last month has been truly eye opening, even more so than the rest of my time here at A4e. As this placement draws to a close, I feel two things.

Firstly sad. Sad because I will be leaving a job I truly love and where I make a visible difference to people’s lives, and sad because I have made some great friends, and will miss the customers I have dealt with on a daily basis for the last six months.

Secondly, excited. Excited to be moving back to Bath, a beautiful city I consider home, to move in with a fantastic friend into a gorgeous flat and back to the creature comforts and all my closest pals. Excited to be starting a job more closely related to my field in PR, for a fabulous company in the centre of Bath.
Continue reading

Progression and digression

The upward trajectory of my A4e career continues with force after meetings in London and recommendations to apply for roles above my own.

I attended a meeting with the communications team in London at the end of last month to discuss my involvement with the company magazine/newsletter (its actual classification is under some contestation after a resize from tabloid to simple A4). Continue reading

One month in… MPs and bomb scares

Month one has been a whirlwind adventure. This may sound like a slightly sarcastic exaggeration especially if you are familiar with the Kylie brand of humour. But fortunately, it is not.

This month has included a successful MP visit, a bomb scare (not related to the visit as my cheeky headline may lead you to believe), lots of training, a welcome event, making many high profile contacts, and even changing policy and being crowned an Editor of sorts in two capacities. And breathe. Continue reading