I graduated with a 2.1 in Politics and International Relations from The University of Bath in 2014. Politics has always been my lifeblood, and I am on a mission to slay apathy and ensure that our young people are educated about our political system and the importance of playing a part in it – big or small.

I am a young person, I am a woman, I am a bisexual, I am a volunteer, I am a worker, I am a British Citizen, I am white, I am a graduate, I am a renter, I am a tax payer, I am voter. I guess looking at that – my details as a politician would see them, I sound quite ‘normal’.

I am also a divorcee, I grew up on a council estate, I have battled anxiety and depression, I have travelled, I have been bullied, I have lost people, I have fought the odds, and I have come out the other side a stronger person. A person that wants to help others who may not have quite got there yet.

I have been bad, I have been good, and I have been everything in between. I have seen life from the poorest corners of the world in Swaziland, from the impoverished social housing in this country, and as part of a privileged class who got into a top university, and undertook work experience at Westminster and the BBC. I believe this breadth of experience and honesty is missing in politics; the human element. This is what we need to encourage to get people to believe in politics again, and interested in it beyond the ‘scandals’. We need to tell out stories so that people will talk about policies, passion, and the present and future; not the past.

I started uni as a Tory and left as a Green. Apparently this is unusual and the system is geared to make you flip from left to right. Me being me, I rebelled, and had the exact opposite experience. I fell for the Tory propaganda of ‘the American dream’, I liked that they supported traditional family values because this ‘traditional family’ was something I always felt like I was lacking, which thus put me at a disadvantage in many ways. I then woke up and realised that it was such propaganda telling me how I should live my life was the cause of me feeling like I was something ‘lesser’ than others, and that the American dream version of social mobility does not exist. Instead it is a story to mute the masses – a new religion almost, and to stop the majority challenging the status quo of elite position.

Now my politics is most closely aligned with the Green Party. I joined in 2014 before the green surge. I established Eastleigh Greens under Southampton and District Green Party to fight the 2015 General Election campaign as coordinator of an area that hadn’t had representation in many years. In that election I stood as a local candidate, where I got over 5 per cent of the vote. I gave up the position of coordinator and moved to my usual role of Press and Social Media Officer. I established Hampshire Greens to allow all Green Parties in Hampshire to coordinate, discuss, and liaise on issue that are county wide and this was launched officially via an event held in November 2015 which I organised with South East Greens and others from county groups.  I worked with the Young Greens on a sustainable village’s project at Glastonbury as Team Leader two years running, and I was part of the 2015 30under30 cohort, and I was mentored by the inspirational activist Romayne Phoenix.

I always thought that I would get into politics later in life, and just write about it until then. But with the state of the world as it is now, I decided I cannot wait, hence why I get involved wherever possible. I will also be writing my own personal ‘manifesto’ for want of a better word, to ensure I stick to my morals, and remember my reasons for involvement, to stop the system corrupting me as it does so many others, as I get more and more immersed.

I am also willing to accept that with the world as it is; still treating politics as a taboo not to be discussed in most work places, social spaces, and the like, that I still must exercise caution and not allow my political ‘hat’ to be worn in my day to day work…

until the two become one of the same that is ;).