Democracy is Dead

Why is it a choice of red or blue
This June that’s what it comes down to
But it doesn’t have to be this way
To make sure June is the end of May

Instead they could all work together
Red, purple*, yellow, and green
Because togetherness is what democracy means

An alliance would reflect what the British people want
Who they are
We might just build the best government so far
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A Mothers Cry

Mother Nature treats us all equal
Every creature together on a level
But it’s a shame that humans aren’t so kind
Putting themselves first, sending mother out her mind

 For every creature is a sentient being
But to many a human that holds no meaning
And this sense of high entitlement is frightfully ill found
As people fill their plates with all the animal’s around

 This species reproduce at an alarming rate
Pushing mother to the brink of a break
More and more they come, as the poorest fall
It’s like they’ve forgotten climate change exists at all Continue reading

Not so Great Britain

Of course it looks like a Great Britain from up there
Sitting all pretty in that crown like chair
But that adjective is a matter of perspective, subjective
It ain’t so great when you’re living in a bedsit
Or even better a nice and cosy shop door
Sitting pondering why you’re even hear at all

As the polls close and mental health worsens
As if it wasn’t bad enough already when teens turned to razors
To help them lift some of their worry and fear
As they realise their ain’t nothing great about living here Continue reading