The Battle

Every day is a battle
Whether you are well or not
To get up, do things right
Courage; yes, it takes a lot

Your bed is a temptress
And your sofa a haven
Seeking safety in the known
Trying not to cave in Continue reading


Difference is Art

Art is in the eye of the beholder
In that way, much like love
Difference too lays in the eyes of others
It isn’t dropped from the sky above

What seems different to you
May look the same to me
That’s what makes it art
The same, nothing ever will be Continue reading

Souls Reunited

Now I am not a spiritual woman
Not in the religious sense
But what I do believe in is fate
Souls uniting under unlikely circumstance

Always when you least expect
A person walks into your life
You try to fight, but hide you cannot
This soul, with yours, will unite

I don’t know if we have lived before
Or if there’ll be a next life after this
But what a nice thought it is
That our souls met before & found this bliss Continue reading

Democracy is Dead

Why is it a choice of red or blue
This June that’s what it comes down to
But it doesn’t have to be this way
To make sure June is the end of May

Instead they could all work together
Red, purple*, yellow, and green
Because togetherness is what democracy means

An alliance would reflect what the British people want
Who they are
We might just build the best government so far
Continue reading