Lady Gaga… Joanne at Last

I am a self-confessed Little Monster, and so start this article with the declaration of the bias which that inevitably brings. Nonetheless, I felt compelled to write upon this topic, as after seeing the Joanne World Tour in Birmingham this week, and subsequently her cancelling the ten remaining dates. I believe, yet again, that Gaga has broken new ground. Continue reading


Talking, Laughing, Loving, Breathing…

Fighting, F***ing, Crying, Drinking, Writing, Winning, Losing, Cheating, Kissing, Thinking, Dreaming, (apologies, that theme tune may be stuck in your head for some time now). The L Word is coming back, and I for one couldn’t me more thrilled! It is about time we had some new lesbi-drama to sink our short nails into.

The glorious gang reformed recently, and sparked many rumours that the show may return, which has finally been confirmed to the relief of fans across the globe. The noughties were a great time for lesbian life tv series, what with Sugar Rush, Lip Service, and then of course the holy grail; The L Word. But since Lip Service was cancelled after 2 series in 2012, we have been left somewhat high and dry.

Generally, TV has become more inclusive of the sexuality and gender spectrum, Channel 4 have a whole host of programmes on demand especially for Pride month. But you can’t beat a dedicated drama series to really help explore some of the deeper themes of the LGBT+ community. Continue reading

Green Party Conference Autumn 2015 – A First Timer’s Take

The sun shone on us Greens last weekend as we traveled down to Bournemouth in our thousands for the Autumn Green Party Conference, the first since the election, and the first since Corbynmania grabbed the nation. So there was plenty to talk about.


Bennett opened conference with a joke that seemed to go down well, despite making little sense about us taking seats from the Lib Dems, as they were in the same venue just the week before for their conference. We haven’t taken any seats from them quite yet – but her optimism was infectious. The whole weekend was one of positivity, inspiration, and resilience. Continue reading