Talking, Laughing, Loving, Breathing…

Fighting, F***ing, Crying, Drinking, Writing, Winning, Losing, Cheating, Kissing, Thinking, Dreaming, (apologies, that theme tune may be stuck in your head for some time now). The L Word is coming back, and I for one couldn’t me more thrilled! It is about time we had some new lesbi-drama to sink our short nails into.

The glorious gang reformed recently, and sparked many rumours that the show may return, which has finally been confirmed to the relief of fans across the globe. The noughties were a great time for lesbian life tv series, what with Sugar Rush, Lip Service, and then of course the holy grail; The L Word. But since Lip Service was cancelled after 2 series in 2012, we have been left somewhat high and dry.

Generally, TV has become more inclusive of the sexuality and gender spectrum, Channel 4 have a whole host of programmes on demand especially for Pride month. But you can’t beat a dedicated drama series to really help explore some of the deeper themes of the LGBT+ community.

The L Word was great at that. The journey of Max from Moira was incredibly insightful, as was Jenny’s coming out to herself (if a little annoying at times!), and Tina’s bisexuality and female to male to female relations. Let’s not forget Ivan, and Bette and Tina’s adoption struggles too. I think a comeback is well-timed, as America’s LGBT+ community faces increasing prejudice under a homophobic president.

A given, there were some parts of The L Word that were exasperating to some queer viewers. As a bisexual woman, for instance, the show’s mocking attitude towards beloved Alice’s sexual fluidity was irksome, and this is something I very much hope to be rectified in any new episodes. I also think it would be great if they explored a male to female transgender storyline. The possibilities for more boundary pushing storylines is limitless – the writers have a fun job on their hands!

Despite some of the plot problems, the show did wonders for me, and many other people straddling the straight/gay and everything in between and beyond line. It taught me a lot, and made the topic accessible to me. I do worry that many young people struggling internally with issues of gender and sexuality have no such thing, and today, in a world saturated with media, it would be a great thing to have some serious lesbi-drama to inform and empower the next generation.

And lesbihonest, we all need that banging theme tune back in our lives.


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