Souls Reunited

Now I am not a spiritual woman
Not in the religious sense
But what I do believe in is fate
Souls uniting under unlikely circumstance

Always when you least expect
A person walks into your life
You try to fight, but hide you cannot
This soul, with yours, will unite

I don’t know if we have lived before
Or if there’ll be a next life after this
But what a nice thought it is
That our souls met before & found this bliss

In past lives they’ve struggled
Always to return to one another
And although this life has brought much strife
Once again we have found each other

The connection between souls is not by chance
Destiny made us one, from two
That link, the bond is supernatural
My soul is alive again now I have you

So my soulmate I have found
Our souls have reunited
But how many times before
Has this love of ours been ignited?

Souls aflame, bursting with adoration
Love, that word, barely covers it
For what I feel for you, I never have before
To you, myself, I utterly commit

With the light of the flame ablaze
Comes the darkness of the shadows
Here we gather our strength together
So we can tackle as one, whatever life throws

For our most vulnerable parts
Flow open and into another with ease
We lift, support, and champion each other
Making life, henceforth, a breeze


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