Democracy is Dead

Why is it a choice of red or blue
This June that’s what it comes down to
But it doesn’t have to be this way
To make sure June is the end of May

Instead they could all work together
Red, purple*, yellow, and green
Because togetherness is what democracy means

An alliance would reflect what the British people want
Who they are
We might just build the best government so far

But instead we are stuck with blue or red
Our antiquated voting system killing our democracy dead
One party, one mandate, one winner will rule
When in fact one cannot represent all

Not a single person can agree with every policy of a party
And this is why the public is disheartened
Because we are told we have a choice
When we don’t really at all
We are just made to swallow more propagandist drool
When instead we should be giving the progressive the tools
To overthrow this rancid Tory government once and for all

*By purple I mean the Women’s Equality Party, never UKIP.


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