A Mothers Cry

Mother Nature treats us all equal
Every creature together on a level
But it’s a shame that humans aren’t so kind
Putting themselves first, sending mother out her mind

 For every creature is a sentient being
But to many a human that holds no meaning
And this sense of high entitlement is frightfully ill found
As people fill their plates with all the animal’s around

 This species reproduce at an alarming rate
Pushing mother to the brink of a break
More and more they come, as the poorest fall
It’s like they’ve forgotten climate change exists at all

 With their fancy gadgets and gizmos aplenty
A false sense of security that it’s all going swimmingly
But mums had enough and she’s about to crack
She’s sweating, crying, she simply cannot hack

 Any more ignorance or any more misdirected blame
When the blame lays with one and capitalism is his name
He bred unto us greed, exploitation and consumerism
It’s the reason poor Mother Nature has been left with this aneurism

 She can’t remember a time when harmony and unity reigned
When each part of her land was individual, not all branded the same
Her waters run black as her grounds run dry
A hazy smog now cast over her eyes

 Hiding her tears from her poor human children
But this charade won’t last, as the irreversible shift encroaches upon them
The tipping point is pretty much here
Yet all the humans have is misplaced fear

 Fear of whatever the Daily Mail has chosen today
Instead of fear of what is coming our way
The oceans will rise, and the climate will shift
Storms will rampage and society will rift

 Unless we apologise to mother now
Not through words, but through a change in how
We treat this earth, her resources, her babies
With renewables, recycling, and reduction, just maybe

 Maybe we can win back mothers favour
If we can get over our own need for certain flavours
For meat, for tech, for cars and for planes
If we start treating everyone as equals, the same

 Should we not heed our mother’s warning
There will be no us left, no mourning
So mother nature’s cry we must now answer
Before it’s too late, and all we know and love falters


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