Not so Great Britain

Of course it looks like a Great Britain from up there
Sitting all pretty in that crown like chair
But that adjective is a matter of perspective, subjective
It ain’t so great when you’re living in a bedsit
Or even better a nice and cosy shop door
Sitting pondering why you’re even hear at all

As the polls close and mental health worsens
As if it wasn’t bad enough already when teens turned to razors
To help them lift some of their worry and fear
As they realise their ain’t nothing great about living here

And now them in that chair are ripping away our neighbours
Part of our culture, our future, our saviours
Saving us from the crippling grip
Of the rich who steal from the poor to give back to the rich
Mate, It’s all one big trick

They make you think you’re in control
When in fact this shit Britain don’t have democracy at all
With its two party politics & tactical ballots
It’s propaganda media and mountain of bigots

It’s hard to look around and see what got us this label
I’m starting to think it’s all one big fable
The enemy of the state is the state itself
As well as activists rising – no longer so stealth
As tempers flare and anxieties rise
Relentless optimism gives us hope that never dies
That we can make Britain into something better
Where people and planet comes first and profits later

It’s time to rise up rise high and rise more
To go ahead and knock on that big black door
And remind yourself what you’re doing this for
Your kids their kids and their grandkids too
Without a revolution we may as well admit we’re all through

Cus they’ll be no planet left for them to live on
Even if we all jump ship from this shit Britain
We need to realign public thinking with what really matters
Like that fact there’s no planet B for when we leave this one in tatters

But it appears we may have to survive each other first
As the reports of hate crimes rising get worse and worse
Ask yourself, seriously when has hate ever solved anything?
Peace love and understanding mate their the centre to everything

In this globalised world we can’t simply close our borders
That’s asking for them to be knocked down and war will follow us
It’s ironic that Brexit voters professed to want to protect
When their actions could be about to spur the opposite

So laters shit Britain, I would say RIP
But peace isn’t what you’ll have, just hate and anarchy

I also had a go at doing this as a spoken word piece:


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