In the event of a Corbyn Win

There has been much speculation about what will happen to the Green Party in the event of a Corbyn win, and in the event of a Corbyn lose. This conundrum will start to unravel at around midday tomorrow, when the country learns who will be entrusted with leading the opposition for the next 5 years.corbyn-collage-escenic

With the assault on humanity that is the Tory government, we are already seeing why it is so important the opposition gets its act together. With the Green Surge, and the rise of the SNP, it is blindingly obvious that although parliament is no longer a political landscape of two polar halves – the nation is. As this cannot be adequately reflected thanks to our defunct undemocratic electoral system, the only hope of watering down this attack is a strong voice the other side of the house, united with other left thinking members.

Many Greens have been torn about Corbyn, whether to pay the £3 to support him (then get purged anyway), whether to jump ship to join the latest ‘surge’ of populism, or whether to turn a blind eye. It is understandable, it is all rather confusing. It has been so long since we have heard a Labour member speak with such conviction in a leftist tone, that it was forgotten that they are supposed to be the left. It is going to take more than one (very nice, and inspiring) man to get Labour back to where they should be. And more than a man who spurts Green Party Policy as if it is his own– he’s got a severe case of the political confusions. He should be a Green.

One has to wonder if anyone has considered that this could be an elaborate Labour plan to reinvigorate support, and that Corbyn is just an instrument to lure the lefties back to Labour? Maybe they hope that he loses whilst having faith that the new supporters will stay. Who knows, I just know that personally I cannot trust Corbyn, someone who has only become a household name since this contest, and someone who is still part of a party that has been working against his supposed mantra for some time now. Why hadn’t he left and joined the Greens? It just doesn’t feel believable.

If he wins, four things could happen.

  1. We could have a united strong left.
    Corbyn could remain true, could somehow manage to get the rest of the Labour MPs onside, he could work alongside the SNP and the Greens to create the united left required to properly challenge the Torys and to bring some balance back to a centrist Westminster.
  2. Green exodus.
    People could desert the Greens who have been talking about the same issues as Corbyn for a lot longer than labour, in the hope that Labour will once again be a left-wing party. I have spoken to many Greens who have toyed with the idea of desertion, and some who have done it before we even know if Corbyn is in which is quite baffling. These could be those who joined the Green surge due to Labour inadequacies, or could be Green members pinning hopes on one man in a more powerful position.
  3. Labour could split and weaken
    There are still a number of Blairites in the party, and many who are not as socialist minded as Corbyn. MP after MP have already said they will not serve in his cabinet, and there has even been talk of a cull of many of the most right Labourites. A Corbyn win could easily see an already weak opposition weaken further, damning us all to five brutal years of an unchallenged Cameron.
  4. Corbyn could crumble
    Corbyn could, as my conspiracy theory suggests, bow to pressure and allow labour to continue along the New Labour path which is not left at all. It could have all been a ruse, and those who took up arms for him may then feel compelled to turn them against him. Westminster will see business continue as usual, with all parties singing from pretty similar song sheets – the monotone ones.

If he loses, two things could happen

  1. Green Surge Part 2
    The green surge could rise once again to accommodate all the weeping Corbyn supporters – and they would be welcomed with open arms. Who knows, maybe a shock such as a loss could shock the man into sense and he too may come and join the Greens. The contest would have given a great airing to our way of thinking, and raised the profile of socialism, from which we will reap the benefits if he falters
  2. Egrus Neerg – Green Surge in reverse
    The left could get shoved back into the dark corner it was in before the Green Surge. The populous may become even more disenfranchised and apathetic at the injustice of our system. The right will capitalise on his failure and spam the media with boastful stories to undo the momentum of Cobynmania and the Green Surge.

Whatever happens, it is truly woeful that some appear follow the latest trend rather than form their own beliefs and sit with the party that is closest aligned to them. Some even before the gavel has dropped. But then I guess that is the effects of propagandist capitalism at its worst – breeding sheep, not wolves.


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