A Voter’s Manifesto

As we wait with bated breath for the manifestos of 2015, I thought it apt to write a voter’s manifesto; outlining what I expect from the political class, and outlining what I will vote for. This manifesto will address some key policy areas that affect the common man and explain why I am voting Green.

As a voter I expect transparency, honesty and integrity throughout the election process.

I am unlikely to get it.

As a voter I expect manifestos to be accurate representations of what will occur if the author of that manifesto gets into power; not PR-friendly promises and propagandist rhetoric.

I am unlikely to have it.

As a voter I expect my vote to count, and I expect the electoral system to be democratic and fair and representative.

I am unlikely to see it.

The Green Party are the only party that seek to address these three issues, and this is the first reason I am voting green.

As a voter I expect a choice between a number of candidates, not just two, or three, but a spectrum representing the diversity of opinions in the UK today – and I am starting to feel it. British politics has changed. It is no longer a 2 horse race, or even three. Finally the British electorate have woken up to the centrist nature of the traditional parties and have realised that the status quo simply ain’t gonna cut it. They are looking left to the Greens and right to UKIP.

Even with the latter part of that sentence being of concern, it still as a trend and as a sentiment is quite exciting. The people are actually actively looking for an alternative, for answers of why we are where we are and why previous promises were broken.

UKIP voters and Green voters are united by their hate for the current political system, and the current political elite. What those looking right have failed to realise is that Farage is one of the most dishonest, rhetoric-ridden, and undemocratic elites of them all. He is a spin doctor extraordinaire pretending to fight the current system whilst being one of the worst products of it and pretending to stand with the common man whilst being the most far removed from reality. He has made his millions in banking, and yet has convinced the electorate of his seeming ‘normality’ by simply popping for a pint and having a fag. Great. I want our politicians to be the kind of people that young people can aspire to be, and moreover the type of people that would make parents proud. Ergo not a pint guzzling, ciggie smoking, racist, but a forward thinking, sustainability championing, inclusionist.

I don’t want a pint downing millionaire bloke for a Prime Minister, or a boy who has never had a real job, or an Etonite. I want a woman, a worker, and an activist. I want a leader who has social equality, environmental sustainability, and redistribution economics at her core. I want a leader with morals, not money.

I will vote for a party that wants to support #generationnext through finding for a more sustainable way of living and through combatting our excessive culture of consumption. A party that is innovative, and looks to science to help us combat climate change in a strategically sound all-encompassing manner – not half-heartedly and poorly organised.

I will vote for a party that believes in one race: the human race. A party of equality and diversity that fights for the human rights of all people regardless of country of residence, nationality, ethnicity, sexuality, gender, religion, etc.

I will vote for a party that believes in positive thinking, not negativity and hate. A party that truly believes money can’t buy us happiness, and has policies on ensuring success is measured by a number of indicators other than economics.

I will vote for a party that sees the importance of mental health, and emotional education. A party that doesn’t try to slot our children and young people into academic pigeon holes to make sure they fit into the current system, but a party that is keen to build the system around them and their needs.

I will vote for a party that is committed to preventative measures on crime and rehabilitative justice, and that looks to the reasons why people commit crime for answers. A party that treats addicts within the sphere of health, not criminality, and that looks for innovative solutions.

I will vote for a party that sees migration as a sustainability issue – not a race or religion issue. A party that wants to improve the world through utilising everyone’s knowledge and that wants to see all country’s at an equal level so that there is less need for migration.

I will vote for a party that wants to increase fairness and balance not only in our politics but in our media. A party that will ensure media ownership doesn’t cloud the information the public gets fed, and that has a zero tolerance policy on cover ups.

I will vote for a party that will keep our NHS out of the hands of the people who wish to make money out of illness. A party that will put the needs of the patients first.

I will vote for a party that doesn’t believe in war for financial gain. A party that believes in peaceful resolutions, minimum interventions, and to ending TRIDENT and our pointless, dangerous and expensive nuclear position.

I will vote for a party that wants to build affordable homes for people on low income. A party who will tackle the homeless crisis the right way and that promotes community living.

I will vote for a party that believes in the welfare state. A party that will introduce a citizen’s income to destigmatise benefits to ensure every citizen’s basic needs are met to create a more equal playing field.

This has been the manifesto of a Green voter. A Green voter who urges you to vote for change this May, and vote Green 2015.


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