Why THAT interview wasn’t THAT bad

Natalie Bennett has nothing to apologise for. She is human after all. And her humanity is why we should be voting for her party.


Natalie had a ‘brain fade’, blunder and quite frankly it makes me more sure that I want her party in power. The media, who are undeniably in the main right wing establishmentarians that bow down to the political elite more often than not, were just waiting for Natalie to slipup because she and what she stands for poses a real threat to status quo lovers.

But it wasn’t even a slip up. She is being ‘vilified for being honest’ as put by one angry voter writing into the Guardian. At what point did we become a society where lies are preferable to truth? Would we have rather she rattled off some figures made up on the spot as so many other politicians do only to receive a hammering for that later too? I wouldn’t.

What people don’t seem to realise is that the Green Party have had to deal with a huge amount of interest in a very small space of time. The Green Party by very nature is not a well-oiled machine (pun unintentional) because it is democratic, and compared to the mainstream parties it is just a baby. It hasn’t had the time to grow, and the leader has never had to deal with such a high amount of media attention.

This is why the party is so exciting and appealing to young voters – because it is young too. It reflects the nature of youth today: innovative, forward thinking, positive, conscious, and aware. This is why the old boys of Westminster and Murdoch’s empire cling to meaningless non-events to try and derail the inevitable. The future is bright, if the future is green.

It gave the media fodder to focus on to divert away from the green surge that is very real – unlike the importance of that interview. The fact I am writing about it now is preposterous, but we must stick up for her. She is after-all one of only a handful of women playing a man’s game and we must not let her be bullied out.

I would rather have a leader who says nothing, than a well-rehearsed stat regurgitating PR robot any day.


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