From helping the unemployed to helping the environment

And so like all good things, my time at A4e came to an end.

Most jobs, you leave because you’ve had enough, fancy a change, or through no choice of your own. I am lucky enough never to have had the latter, however leaving this position was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.
It wasn’t just your average 9-5, you took many of the problems of the client home with you. It was emotionally draining, but also the most rewarding work I have ever carried out. Since I have left I can say with my hand on my heart I have missed all my colleagues and customers every day.

My new position is fantastic. Although it doesn’t contain the same kind of challenges and fulfilment it boasts challenges of its own, and is taking me on a whole new journey.

As a freelance writer, and journalist, most of my new role comes easily to me. The style, and context of my writing however is a completely new experience, and one that will teach me new arts of writing press releases, and pitching ideas to journalists; something I have done surprisingly little of in the past.

It is also exciting to be part of an innovative and young company whose remit is the largest growing sector in business; sustainability. Sustainability is the new centre focus of the majority of businesses. As new laws come into force, requiring big businesses to report their emissions there are a whole host of questions to be asked, and problems to be solved. This is the business of Ecodesk.

Even though environmental concerns have not been a central focus of my interest or studies, it has become apparent that they are a pivotal part of everything, somewhat like politics. It is going to take me some time to get my head around the maths and the jargon, but it is fascinating.

Business is the business of Ecodesk as much as the environment, which is also completely new to me. The business of business has never been an interest of mine, and to be honest, I can’t ever see it being one. Already however I am starting to appreciate its importance which is a big step for me.

I get to write, and create social media marketing strategies on a day to day basis which is what makes me tick. But to satisfy the need I now have after working with A4e to help others, in particular young offenders, I will be seeking out some volunteering opportunities in addition to my work with Ecodesk.


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