Progression and digression

The upward trajectory of my A4e career continues with force after meetings in London and recommendations to apply for roles above my own.

I attended a meeting with the communications team in London at the end of last month to discuss my involvement with the company magazine/newsletter (its actual classification is under some contestation after a resize from tabloid to simple A4).
This was a very productive meeting. Mainly because those already involved in the process were jumping at the chance for an extra pair of reasonably experienced hands at no extra cost. Suits me; I am used to going above and beyond my remit to take on projects which are more closely related to my career aspirations than my role itself.

I was set a few tasks whilst at HQ including some media monitoring, and Twitter analysis in relation to the recent news coverage. The Editorial meeting itself was very interesting as I got to see how the magazine itself is constructed and was able to meet their Freelance writer who was an absolute delight! She worked for the ‘News of the Screws’ as she deemed it until its shameful collapse and now has gone freelance despite multiple offers from other newspapers. I always love chatting to people in the industry; it is great to get a sense of what it is actually like.

The member of staff in charge of A4e Voice was also very keen to ensure my involvement was continuous throughout my time at A4e which I was very pleased about. I also sneaked in a cheeky suggestion that maybe they could hire me as a Freelance Writer also when I finish my temporary contract seeing as I have the edge of an insider’s understanding of A4e staff and processes – the topics on which the magazine is focussed. This was reasonably well received, and is something I will continue to work on throughout my time here.

It also got me thinking about increasing my Freelance work from home in addition to my job here. I started to do a little research into sites which marry up writers and contract providers, many of which I am sad to say you seem to have to pay for. I will persevere, if any of you lovely readers have any ideas please comment and share them with me!

I was tasked with four different pieces of work for this month’s edition. Two of which I have already completed, and the other two I have contacted the relevant people for interview ready to crack on when I return from hols.

This month my work digressed further from my original remit. I took part in a training session after having an idea which I thought that could help a number of our customers. I constructed a sheet of ‘buzz words’ interviewers like to hear such as ‘organisation’ and ‘customer service’ and tasked customers to think of specific examples either from previous employment, education or even home situations which highlights that particular quality. I then discussed the importance of providing solid examples and encouraged them to rehearse these examples to create a memory bank of responses they could dip in and out of during an interview.

This training was very well received not only by the customers themselves who said they would be delighted to have me back but by our in House trainer who has been in the business for years! This got my little brain thinking about completing some kind of training/teaching qualifications, as it is always an area which I have been intrigued by.

Another exciting turn of events in relation to my personal development it was suggested to me by my Business Leader and an Advisor that I should consider putting myself up for the role of Advisor should a position become vacant. When I joined, and in my first blog post about A4e I signposted this as a direction in which I would like to head, but I never thought it would be this soon.

The role would have meant I would be taking on a case load over around 80 customers, to manage and develop myself. I would see them one to one and arrange any training initiatives I felt they suited as well as insured they were job searching and fulfilling a suitable number of applications effectively. In addition to this there would be emotional support and encouragement which is something I try to provide in my role at the moment. There would also be the task of sanctioning those that fail to comply, and also a great amount of employer engagement. That is, reaching out to potential employers to ensure they use us as a first point of call to fulfil their recruitment needs.

Sadly the position that may have become vacant never materialised, but it did however instil me with a great sense of hope about my future with the company.


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